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“Wendy’s A Pro. Listen To Her!”

Sharlene Hawks, 1985 Miss America, ESPN Sportscaster, President, RMS Productions

Do you ever feel ashamed of your eating habits?  Do you sometimes feel out of control? Does food consume your thoughts?

I know that feeling, and I’m here to tell you there is hope.

W.A.I.T.loss: The Keys to Food Freedom and Winning the Battle of the Binge is about my journey to recovery from 35 years of dieting and bingeing.  Like many others stuck in their own cerebral food prison, I dieted and binged my way into obesity.

Learning the keys to physical and mindful health that I share in my book, I was able to heal my body as well as free my mind.  Now aa certified Health Coach and Fitness Trainer, my goal is to help as many other people as I can. My  W.A.I.T. (What Am I Thinking?) and Click approach to recovery has helped hundreds of others find peace and reach a healthy weight.   Weight loss should be a natural consequence of healthy living.

This book will help you find that too.



what people are saying…

“I love Wendy’s book! Her story is warm and funny and her style is engaging. I couldn’t put it down”

Ashley Neeleman Cole, CEO - CeceliaNewYork.com

“If you crave a normal relationship with food, but you’re ready to throw in the towel and surrender to a lifetime of obsessing and weighing, this book is the one for you. Wendy’s a pro. Listen to her”

Sharlene Hawkes, Miss America 1985 and former ESPN sportscaster; President - RMS Productions

“As a father of 7 beautiful daughters I am well aware of the stress created by weight and body image pressures, especially in women. In her new book W.A.I.T.loss: The Keys to Food Freedom and Winning the Battle of the Binge Wendy presents a simple, yet well researched case for creating healthy habits. She explains them in a way that motivates all to change for the better.”

David Neeleman, Founder- JetBlue Airways

“Wendy knows her stuff! She has helped many of our challengers lose weight and get happy!”

Aron Benon, CEO - Meltdown Challenge

“This book is invaluable for those who struggle with food addictions and are desperate to be free of them. I know Wendy personally, and she is an empathetic, compassionate coach who knows what she’s talking about—because she’s been there. I highly recommend her book.”

Elayne Wells Harmer, Editor/Attorney

“Not only is this book informative and insightful, it shows us Wendy’s personal journey that truly inspires, motivates and encourages those to continue their journey toward physical and mental health.”

Sheila B. Hays, Clinical Psychologist