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Nobody likes to talk about their dysfunctional relationship with food… UNTIL NOW!

We are EMBARRASSED about it. We feel ASHAMED. We feel ALONE. We think there is something WRONG with us. 

I know EXACTLY how it feels, and I’m here to say that nobody deserves to feel like that. NOBODY.

The truth is, pretty much everyone has some kind of embarrassing compulsion, and whether it’s emotional eating, food addiction, nose picking or any other bad habit, it’s time to stand up and say… NO MORE! It’s time to take back control! How is it done?

W.A.I.T. Stands for “What Am I Thinking?” and is all about mindfulness.

Learning how to eavesdrop on your own thoughts is the key!

Just W.A.I.T. Your life is about to begin.

What is included in the 6- Month W.A.I.T. Mastery Program?

W.A.I.T. Mastery video-based training course with eight core learning modules. 

Online Support Group

Weekly Group Support Zooms 

Exclusive 2-day WAIT Mastery retreat (transportation and lodging not included)

Support Calls each Month and Unlimited Email Support

Hot Huddle Call with Wendy Hendry

The W.A.I.T. Mastery Program is the perfect formula to empower YOU to live a life of confidence through self-control and healthy habits.  It’s 4 months of education and individualized support.


Whether you are an emotional eater, food addict, or just someone who would like to improve habits, W.A.I.T. is designed to strengthen your willpower and put you back in the driver’s seat. As a matter of fact, the tools you will learn will help you in every area of your life.


Find FREEDOM from food and BELIEVE in yourself! In 6 months you’re going to look back and be amazed at who you have become!

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What you will learn:

  • Why we emotionally eat

  • How to enjoy 1 bite without the “white-knuckling”

  • How to let go of the shame and love yourself

  • How to properly fuel your body to prevent cravings

  • How to ignore the cravings without a fight

  • How to recognize your Brat Brain’s sneaky excuses

  • Why we get the afternoon/evening munchies and how to prevent them

  • How to sit with your uncomfortable urges until they disappear


You will begin with a 1-hr wellbeing consultation with Wendy Hendry to help you set goals and focus throughout the 6 months.

The W.A.I.T. video course is released in modules and includes helpful emails, downloads and trackers.

The Online Support Group is a private Facebook group called W.A.I.T. Warriors.

The weekly interactive video chats are educational and interactive where participants can ask questions and receive support.

The monthly support calls with a personal and certified W.A.I.T. Coach are private and individualized to each clients needs.

The Exclusive W.A.I.T. Mastery Retreats are held in American Fork, Utah. It is a 2-day event where training and lunches are provided. Participant is responsible for lodging and transportation.

Let’s do this!

W.A.I.T. Video Course Curriculum 

There are eight core learning modules, plus a module to help you prepare and another bonus module at the end.

Half of the modules are to help you achieve optimal healthy physically. Optimal PHYSICAL health creates the perfect environment for optimal MINDFUL health!

On top of emails directing  you to the core modules, you will receive emails each week with additional guidance and information.

Here’s our exact curriculum so you can make sure the program is right for you…

A strong foundation in mindfulness is important as we get into the modules on physical health. In this module, you’ll learn the basics.

By the end of this first module you will be able to clearly identity the voices coming from both your adult brain AND your child brain.  You will start to recognize exactly how to heed the one with your best interest in mind.

I will also tell you a little about my journey, including the obstacles so that you can bypass the mistakes that I made along the way.

In this module we dive into nutrition. I’m not a dietician so I’m not going to give you meal plans or specifics. But I will teach you principles. This first principle is the habit of grazing. There are so many different opinions on how often to eat, but in my personal experience as well as after hearing from thousands of emotional eaters, I can confidently say that eating every few hours is best. I will explain all about why and how in the video! Yes! You have to eat to get to a healthy weight!

Disengage and distract is the first mindfulness method you will learn to help you gain self-control. By the end of this module you will be able to not only hear the voice that try to sabotage you, but you will also be able to dismiss it and choose the better route.

Our next nutrition principle is explained in this module. Most people are not getting the proper balance of macronutrients.  Here you will learn exactly what kinds of food and what portions you need to be at your physical best! Remember, when we are at our physical best, our mindful best follows!

We tend to avoid uncomfortable feelings by numbing ourselves with food (or other unhealthy behaviors).  By allowing ourselves to actually experience those feelings, we can learn what our body really needs. By the end of this module you will be able to do just that. You will learn that cravings and urges go away whether you feed it or not.

This module will help you understand not only how much water and activity you need, but you will also understand why you need it. You will learn some surprising and welcome information as well!

Our child brain can be a sneaky bugger! In this module you will learn exactly what it says to get you to do exactly what it wants. Knowledge is power, and this module will give you lots of it! It is the final piece of the mindfulness puzzle, and by the end you will be fully aware and able to make the best possible choice.

I know it sounds incredible, but this power will extend to more than just your eating. You will find yourself fully able to control the direction of your life. 

This last module will put it all together for you. By the end you will understand how and why you need to re-charge your battery. Not only will you be able to make better choices, but you will be able to stay focused and fully present while doing so.

W.A.I.T. Program, here I come!