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Hello, my friend!

I want you to know that you are amazing and wonderful and beautiful!

I had a great friend tell me once that a quarter is worth 25 cents whether it’s in a shiny new wallet or sitting at the bottom of a trash can. She reminded me that MY worth isn’t determined by my journey. I did not always believe that. I struggled with food and self-shame for over 3 decades. 

Several years ago, I learned to conquer my self-destructive behaviors and through miraculous means. I learned how to be healthy, both physically AND mentally. I’ve been helping people discover those same miracles ever since. 

My mission now is to make sure that YOU know that YOUR value is great no matter your situation and no matter your size.


“I love Wendy! She is more than a trainer. She is a friend.”  Brittany K

I’m a California girl at heart though I’ve lived in Utah since college.

I’ve done everything from testing blood (and other body fluids) in laboratories to teaching hip hop classes to co-founding a multi-million dollar business. But by far my greatest accomplishment is my family. We have different personalities, opinions and political leanings, but somehow we make it work.

One of the things I’m often asked is “How did you go from microbiology to emotional eating workshops?”

I probably should have realized before college that lab work was not my thing,
but being a microbiology major helped me maintain my façade as a smart person. In reality, all I wanted to do in college was hang with friends and find the closest ice cream shop. (Not necessarily in that order.)

The truth is, food started controlling my life way before school.

I went on my first diet at 14, and by the time I was 16, I was a full-fledged food addict. I spent the next 30 years either dieting or bingeing. In other words, I spent 3 decades of my life thinking about food, calories, how to burn calories, my body, my weight, my weight, my weight…

Several years ago, I learned some amazing truths that helped me escape my physical and mental prison. I finally made peace with food… AND with myself. Since then I’ve been on a mission to help as many people as I can overcome unwanted habits and see their self worth.

And this is my goal for you! I want to help you find your very best self by overcoming you unwanted behaviors.

I KNOW how wonderful you are. It’s time for YOU to know that too!

“I have loved working with Wendy Hendry! I find that Wendy has the ability to keep my attention and I can comprehend what she is saying. My life has been blessed because of her!” Denise I.

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