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Hi!  I’m Wendy

I’m the original W.A.I.T. Coach, an emotional eating guru, and author of the Amazon Best-Seller,  W.A.I.T.loss: The Keys to Food Freedom and Winning the Battle of the Binge


YOUR job is to turn DESIRE into HOPE

MY job is to turn HOPE into REALITY

Nobody likes to talk about their dysfunctional relationship with food… UNTIL NOW!

We are EMBARRASSED about it. We feel ASHAMEDWe feel ALONEWe think there is something WRONG with us. 

I know EXACTLY how it feels, and I’m here to say that nobody deserves to feel like that. NOBODY.

The truth is, pretty much everyone has some kind of embarrassing compulsion, and whether it’s emotional eating, food addiction, nose picking or any other bad habit, it’s time to stand up and say… NO MORE! It’s time to take back control! How is it done?

A simple change in thought is all it takes!

Just W.A.I.T. Your life is about to begin.

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